Neal Harmon, VidAngel

Neal Harmon, Angel

In this episode we interview Neal Harmon, the co-founder of Angel, a video streaming service created in 2014 that allows users to remove content they find objectionable from Hollywood movies and TV shows. To aid the millions of families stuck at home due to COVID-19, Angel is offering its services free for a limited time for anyone, as long as they agree to Social Distancing (and bigger hugs when this is all over).

Angel helps you make entertainment good for your home. Its top-rated original series Dry Bar Comedy and The Chosen have earned wide acclaim from critics and audiences alike. Angel ‘s signature filtering technology—empowering families to skip language, nudity, violence, and other content from movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO—is available on modern devices such as iOS, Android, ROKU, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV and continues to be popular with parents and families.

Free Angel Features Include:
● The ability to skip objectionable content on Netflix and Amazon content
● Award-winning series The Chosen about the life of Jesus
● Hundreds of episodes of Dry Bar Comedy, clean standup comedy
● Dr. James Dobson’s teaching series, Building a Family Legacy
● The Family Night Out Series, including Home at Hank with Hank Smith

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