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We have a new name! Season 5 coming soon

We have a new name for season 5: “Your Online Coffee Break” is now “15 Minutes with Chuck”. For our loyal subscribers–thanks for your support these last four years. If you’re new to our channel, welcome! —————————————————————— ツ PLEASE SUBSCRIBE & JOIN US FOR SEASON 5! 👉 Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel &…

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Indie Alt-Rock band the Resounding Maybes: Sine Qua Non & Star Trek

The Resounding Maybes recently released their debut album, Sine Qua Non, featuring a mix of alternative rock songs with a dream-pop flavor. Guitarist/vocalist Patrick O’Conner and keyboardist/vocalist Savannah O’Conner join us today to discuss their incredible music and inspiration, and why Sine Qua Non is a must-add for your music collection. About the Resounding Maybes…

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