25. Paul, Apostle of Christ – Behind the Scenes with Director Andrew Hyatt

Andrew Hyatt is the writer and director of the new movie Paul, Apostle of Christ. This movie stars Jim Caviezel from The Passion of the Christ, and James Faulkner from Game of Thrones. In this interview Andrew takes us behind the scenes to discuss what it was like working with these professionals, and how his team was able to bring ancient Rome and Paul’s story back to life with a budget of $5 million and only 23 days to shoot.  The latest edition of incredibly popular Christian movies, this movie portrays the powerful story of how Luke risks his life to visit Paul, who is held captive in a Roman prison, and how together they struggle against a determined emperor to spread their message about Christ to the world.

Paul, Apostle Of Christ

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1 comment on “25. Paul, Apostle of Christ – Behind the Scenes with Director Andrew Hyatt

  1. Sharon says:

    Another fantastic, inspirational Podcast from Chuck. . Andrew Hyatt was excited about creating this script and his excitement is contagious. His comments on the matter of creating an accurate depiction made the movie even more of a must see.

    I found the movie very inspirational. Many people are not familiar with all the books of the Bible and with this movie we all can learn a lot more in depth..

    I highly recommend.

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