Award Winning Christian Comedian Nazareth is today’s guest. He’s been featured on Comedy Central, Dry Bar Comedy, ABC Family, NBC, CBS and TBN. Nazareth has been making audiences laugh for 30 years. This Interview will provide an outlook and how he has accumulated so much success and what his journey has felt like. He toured with the Righteous Brothers, The Temptations and worked with Mr. B.B. King and Tim Conway to only name a few.

Nazareth has shared the stage with comedians Chris Rock, Adam Sandler and Kevin James. He’s also the founder of Laughter For All, a non-profit organization that helps churches and organizations reach their community using family-friendly entertainment and comedy. His portfolio certainly provides a very amazing and inspirational success story being able to achieve so much and provide enjoyment for so many people.

In this interview, we focus on how Christianity influences his clean comedy as well as his story from being born in the Middle East, to becoming an engineer and moving to the United States, and then his transition to an award-winning comedian. Rising from a unique background that is not too often seen this is what makes Nazareth special and today in this video it is explained by the man himself.

More About Nazareth

Nazareth has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Crisis Pregnancy Centers and other non-profit organizations around the United States. He takes pride in the opportunity he has in bringing relief to our men and women in the Armed Forces in the U.S. and Germany. One of the roles that he takes great Joy in is being a director for a ministry that supports Christians in the Gaza Strip. Added to that joy, is his role as co-founder of a ministry that reaches out to thousands of refugees fleeing Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Iran to find refuge in Southern California.

His new book, Hope in 24 Hours, endorsed by Josh McDowell, is an inspiration to people of all ages. Also, his new Comedy Project Hurricane Abdul was released in late 2018.

Though he has the title of an award-winning comedian, his greatest credit is having the role of husband and father. Nazareth has been happily wed to his bride for over 22 years and is a father of 3 children. They reside in Southern California.

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