Voices of Service release new single “HOPE”

Voices of Service (VOS), a singing quartet featuring retired military Veterans Ron Henry, Christal Rheams, Jason Hanna and Caleb Green just released their latest single, “Hope”. In 2019 they achieved a top 5 finish on Season 14 of America’s Got Talent. Voices of Services helps influence global awareness of the struggle of our service members, veterans, their families, and people from all walks of life who’ve endured visible and invisible scars.

Voices of Service are a part of the nonprofit Center for American Military Music Opportunities (CAMMO). For the past several years, they have utilized their performances to increase awareness of the therapeutic impact that performing as well as listening to music can have on servicemen and women who are coping with post-traumatic stress and other invisible/visible wounds. Their success on America’s Got Talent helped promote national awareness of the struggle active members of the Armed Forces, veterans, and their families often experience during as well as after their service.

“Hope” is available as a digital download via online retailers and major streaming platforms.

Interview transcript: https://www.15minuteswithchuck.com/hope-interview-with-voices-of-service-a-military-quartet-transcript/

For more information visit https://www.cammomusic.org

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