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Welcome to “15 Minutes With Chuck”, an award-winning podcast with down-to-Earth interviews with out-of-this world guests!

Join us as we interview amazing go-getters around (and above) the world on a variety of topics that include new movies and music, to space, science, Christian topics and much more–all in bite-sized episodes.

AIR SUPPLY Interview – The Lost In Love Experience (Re-release)

Interview with Graham Russell of Air Supply Graham Russell, along with Russell Hitchcock, formed Air Supply more than 45 years ago,...

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NASA Artemis I – Return to the Moon with SLS Booster expert Dave Reynolds

Interview with Dave Reynolds, NASA’s Deputy Program Manager for SLS Booster Subsystems In this episode we’ll discuss NASA’s upcoming Artemis 1...

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THE TUBES – Interview with Fee Waybill

Fee Waybill is the lead singer of the legendary rock band THE TUBES. The Tubes are currently on tour presenting their...

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STYX – Interview with James “JY” Young, the “Godfather”

Interview with James JY Young from Styx! James “JY” Young (born November 14, 1949) is an American musician who is best...

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Experiencing God’s Goodness – Interview with Erica Wiggenhorn

AN UNEXPECTED REVIVAL: Experiencing God’s Goodness through Disappointment and Doubt Erica Wiggenhorn is the founder of Every Life Ministries, and a...

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HOPE: Interview with Voices of Service, a military singing quartet

Voices of Service release new single “HOPE” Voices of Service (VOS), a singing quartet featuring retired military Veterans Ron Henry, Christal...

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TOP GUN: MAVERICK – Kevin LaRosa II – Aerial Coordinator & Camera Pilot

Interview with aerial stunt coordinator for Top Gun: Maverick! Kevin LaRosa II is the Aerial Coordinator & Camera Pilot for Top Gun:...

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